Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day

outside my window

Mr.President and I on our snowy walk

Let it snow, Let it snow, LET IT SNOW...and there is still more to come! This weekend in DC boy did it snow! I think the grand total was around 7 or 8 inches...and it was the perfect snow - light, fluffy, powdery! I woke up around 7am on Saturday and couldn't sleep anymore - I would love to tell you that it was because I was just so excited for the looming snow storm, but I shudder to think it was more the result of one too many (or three too many) glasses of wine.It started snowing here around 9am and by about 10am I had successfully convinced Mr.President to bundle up in every warm piece of clothing we have and take a snowy walk to get breakfast.

It was so much fun - like we were inside a giant snow globe (cheesy I know - but it really was, promise). We went to a place nearby called Bear Rock and sat in front of the fire, yep they have a little fireplace with a little sofa. Mr.President read the paper and I day dreamed. By the time we headed back for home, there was abou 4 or so inches of snow covering the ground....great but not so good for my not so practical crocheted Uggs not meant for 5 inches of snow! Although I love them, they are not waterproof - my tootsies were quite cold by the time we eventually made it home.

The rest of the afternoon we snuggled (nauseating, I know) watched movies and ordered pizza. Such a lovely snow day!
Fingers crossed we have another potential snow day this week - and perhaps even a day off from work? One can dream right?

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