Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you know the donut man?

before - breakfast of champions

See that image up there...yep that was taken from my blackberry this morning and I wish I could say it was not mine, nor was it breakfast...but sadly it was both.

Now you might wonder why in the world there is not only a sugar sweet, sinful chocolate frosted donut (note the Valentine's day sprinkles!) sitting next to a handful of potato chips...fair enough question I suppose...

Let me back up and tell you that at my office there is a printing company rep (ie. read slimy used car salesman type) that comes once a week to schmooze and try and sell us on printing our marketing collateral with his company and as part of his slimy pitch, he bribes all the ladies of the office with Dunkin Donuts.

Now it would be fine (well not fine, but ok as long as a long workout follows) to have these donuts around if I actually had a shred of self-restraint to resist these inner tubes of sugar...but I don't. Now the donuts come into play because over the course of a conversation with Donut man we discussed how his donut deliveries were increasing my waistline...from that we somehow managed to talk about the debate of sweet vs. savory. Donut man is a savory - so now he brings chips in addition to the donuts

I would love to end this by saying I resisted at least the donut OR the chips...but nope, ate both

after - well only sorta after because by the end of this post the rest of that donut will be in my belly

ugh...damn you donut man


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  1. Im sad I didnt see you take the pictures while sitting at your desk. I am going to be on the look out better now