Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My latest vice...

image via the miracle workers aka..Ben & Jerry

Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (ie...heaven on earth)! Seriously you should've seen my eyes light up as soon as that spoon filled with cinnamon, oatmeal chunk, chocolate chip goodness hit my tongue...

I might be a bit behind on this ice cream flavor since I just read that it was first released in 2003. How in the world did I miss this deliciousness for the last 7 years? I am not sure I am going to sleep tonight knowing that my hips and tush could be alot rounder right about now if someone would've just told me about this fabulous ice cream.

In addition to the euphoria pictured above, I have another vice...one that I have found myself daydreaming about in the middle of the work day practically drooling at my desk thing of it..in fact excuse me while I go get myself a napkin...

via my lovers - Ben & Jerry

In case my behind is not big enough, those pesky guys Ben and Jerry went ahead and created yet another can't live without yummy flavor. Cinnamon Buns. Approriately named for it is going straight to your buns...but I tell you I don't mind if my behind grows three sizes, this ice cream is worth every dimple!

If you have missed the express train to absolute yumminess, run do not walk to the nearest grocery store, or if you are lucky B&J store, and pick up BOTH of these ice creams....seriously stop reading and get going! You and your tush can thank me later!