Monday, November 23, 2009

Beware of the Dog

Duke Dog

Ahhh…heaven! This weekend I went with Mr. President and one of my all time favorite people, Lauren and her boy to our Alma Mater – JMU! Until now I have not been back since my first Alumni weekend in 2007, so it has been quite a while and to say I was excastic about going back would be an understatement. I heart all things JMU and to spend the weekend with my favorites was just icing on the purple and gold cake.

the Quad @ JMU

Mr. President and I woke up very early on Saturday morning, packed, and hit the road for 81. The entire ride there I could hardly contain my excitement. There is something about going back to my college town that just fills me with nostalgia. If you have never been to JMU and you just saw it passing by you would probably wonder what all the hub-bub is all about – as to the naked, un-alumni eye JMU, and particularly Harrisonburg just looks like a rural, be it maybe even a country-like campus with a handful of bars and lots of hills…but oh there is so much more to JMU.

JMU stadium

Now that I live in the “big city” I can truly appreciate how great it was to go to a school in the middle of nowhere. It is just such a joy to be able to run a quick errand and actually be able to park there and finish the errand in under an hour. Aside from that JMU is just gorgeous – such a pretty campus. Even as we were watching the football game you could see the mountains in the background – you certainly don’t get that in the city. It turned out to be such a perfect day for a football game – sunny with no clouds in sight and high of upper 50s…such a treat.

After the game we went back to our hotel and relaxed for a bit – mostly talking about how old we are and reminiscing about the old days when we could day drink, take a quick nap, and rally again for the night. All of us were feeling the beers and chik-fil-a platter (an absolute must for all tailgating, and especially JMU tailgating. )

We “rallied” as much as we could and headed out to a local tavern, Dave’s which was a staple in our college nights out. They have hands down the best steak and cheese pita EVER – I was in heaven! I quickly gobbled down the entire pita and fries, and started in on the leftovers from Laur’s plate.

Lauren and I @ the tailgate

Sunday morning we woke up, checked out of the hotel and went on a walking tour of the campus. It is amazing just how much it has changed since we all graduated. There is a brand new library, a new dining hall, new dorms, a new tunnel connecting campus…it was just amazing how different, yet exactly the same everything looked. It was just such a treat to be there and walk down memory lane with my favorite people.

Ahh…to be a college student again (and have my parents pay my rent, utilities, and dining plan…)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Holiday at a Time

It is hard to believe it is already November and stores are already decking the halls with Christmas trees, twinkling lights and giant bows. Although I LOVE Christmas, I happen to think that retail stores start decorating far too early. Let’s get through Thanksgiving first, THEN start putting up the Santa’s, garlands and lights! Nordstrom's has the right idea...

This morning in DC, it was a chilly 40 degrees with a frost advisory. I had to pull out my pink moccasin slippers this morning while getting ready for work. On my walk to work I could see my breath….definitely a brisk fall day outside.

On days like this I wish to be…..

Sipping a warm Chai Tea

wearing this

courtesy jcrew

While this is baking in the oven

courtesy of mykitchensnippets

Watching this on TV

All while the outside of my little townhouse looks like this

courtesy of Pottery Barn

don't you just swoon at the stuff in their catalogue - one day my house will look like some of these day!

Hope you are enjoying your brisk fall day....Happy November!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long time no see….

My first inclination would be to apologize to my followers, but seeing as I only have 2, I figure you all aren’t too heart broken over my absence. I am not sure how one goes about getting “followers” to their blog, but I am going to try my darnest to get to the bottom of this. I think once I know people are actually reading what I write I will be more inclined to regularly post.

It has been a while since I’ve posted and I have a lot to catch you lovelies up on….

1) I am now officially a red head – long story short my attempt to get rid of my highlights resulted in a catastrophe of hair proportions (ie…my hair was jet black until I started welling up and insisted the not nice stylist try again).

notice how my hair blends into the trees?? yea, RED!

After stripping the color from my hair and re-dying it 3 times (I am lucky I still have hair) my hair is red. Now this seems all well in good if I ever actually had red hair before, but nope, brunette (with a few hints of red highlights). Overall it was a tragic experienc, but the auburn color is slowly growing on me

2) I have not one, but TWO stress fractures in my left foot. L So no running or physical activity (no elliptical, bike, etc) for six weeks! Ugh..I can’t even put into words how disheartening the last three weeks have been for me. I just do not know what to do with myself without running. I feel restless and grumpy all too often and am going stir-crazy. Thank goodness I already have 3 weeks down, 3 more to go God willing. Oh and I forgot to mention the lovely BOOT I have been sporting.

photo from
not my feet, but my boot looks just like this - check out this blog - I couldn't have said it better about this ugly, square toed bootie

3) Happy Belated Halloweenie! My Halloween was complete with a visit to a pumpkin patch, a trip to the Night of the Living Zoo here in DC, oh and cheering on the beloved Phillies (mostly my new crush Chase Utley) through way too many baseball games.

Mine & Mr.President's pumpkins

the carved little guys

my Audrey Hepburn impersonation

my crush

That about wraps up what is new with me...I am going to try my darnest to post more often and get some of the lovelies who's blogs I read to maybe check mine out as well.