Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuna Casserole fail

Ugh...a total and complete dinner failure. Let me say for the record I have never, and probably will not be a tuna fish fan. Something about the texture and the fact that this mysterious fish gets packed in water and shoved into a can that you then have to drain to get the foul smelling, and weird looking fish. Yuck! Not a fan - don't get me wrong I will occasionally make a tuna fish sandwich, but that is few and far between. Growing up, and still to this day my Dad makes tuna fish sandwiches regularly and I can stomach those, but anything else, no thanks!

Anyways, Mr.President is a fan of tuna fish so I being the fabulous (HA!) girlfriend I am I decided I would whip up a tuna casserole the other night. Sounds like a sweet gesture in theory - but it failed miserably. The above photo is the proof in the pudding (or tuna) that it was not good. It tasted like wall paper paste and salt mixed together.

Bless Mr.President's heart, he tried a few forkfuls before he politely said "Can I be honest without hurting your feelings....I don't want to eat this". I can't blame him, I wanted nothing to do with it either.

Tuna helper you are NOT in fact a helper at all, but instead a gross mix of sodium and putty. YUCK! No wonder it is so cheap at the grocery store. Avoid it at all costs!


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